First Ride

I got on Luna last week. I wasn’t entirely planning on it, but she was all tacked up and being so good that after I leaned over her and pulled on the saddle and stirrups and desensitized her I ended up just swinging my leg over and I was on. To say she is a good baby is an understatement. She is a gem. She didn’t move a muscle. She just stood there patiently waiting. I had her walk a few steps forward then I got off and called it a day.

I got back on her yesterday. This time I walked her around a little bit. She is very confused by what I am asking of her but she tries so hard. I just love this little horse. Not that she is little. She is 16.1 and still growing. She is currently in a growth spurt. Which is a little scary. I don’t typically like big horses but something about her made me fall in love.

I plan to take this summer nice and slow. A few soft rides and lots of time bonding. She’s only 3 and I am in no rush. I may take her to a few shows this summer but only to hang out, not to actually show. Unless I feel like she is ready enough to give it a go. At least for experience.

She is my favorite decision I have ever made and I am so glad I got her. I may be crazy broke now but she is my dream horse.


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