I love this horse

I absolutely love my new horse. She is outstanding. Probably the best baby I have ever worked with. I changed her barn name to Luna, which seems to fit her well. Luna Lovegood is my favorite character from Harry Potter and she fits the personality to a T.

I lunged her for the first time Sunday and even though she had no clue what I was asking, she tried her little heart out and now lunges great. She picks up on everything immediately. She is incredible. I put the saddle on her yesterday. She could have cared less. I can’t wait to get on her. I’m thinking I will be getting on her within the next week.

I had planned on having my friend help me with her since she is a trainer and I am a little experienced at breaking in baby’s, but she is so easy I may be okay on my own. And not only is she super good but she is so so sweet. She’s in my pocket all the time. I just love her to pieces.




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