Hollywood Poster

I have been looking into finding my own horse for a while. I love Hollywood but he just wasn’t the right fit nor was he mine. Well I stumbled upon a mare that my friend had at her rescue. A coming 3 year old standardbred filly off the track. I couldn’t get her out of my mind so yesterday morning I drove up to her barn to look at her. Ended up buying her on the spot.

She is 16.1 and still growing. I’m probably insane. I’m nervous on big horses and she’s not even broke to ride yet. But something about her tugged at my heart. She has the kindest eyes and is so so sweet. A friend of mine is a trainer and she is going to help me this summer with breaking her to ride. I am very excited.

She turns 3 today. I have to wait until I get out of work to go see her and it’s making me crazy. I just want to spend the day with her. I never thought I would find a horse that got into my heart the way Fritz did but this little girl moved right on in.

Her name is Hollywood Poster or Posie for short. I love her so much already ❤31239492_10214015741759996_7739954473857974272_n


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