Best Friends

Harper is making slow progress. She doesn’t run immediately when she sees us anymore. She has started rubbing up against me when I pet her and she rolled over on her back a few times, showing she was submissive. We wanted to introduce her slowly to the other animals. We tried peanut first but they hissed at each other so I took her out of the room so they didn’t hurt each other. The next day I tried Dante, sticking close by him so I could scoop him up if she got defensive. Well wouldn’t you know the moment he went into the room she perked right up. He just walked right up to her and tried getting her to play. I don’t think she quite knew what to do.

I will say that she absolutely loves him. I let him in with her most of the day yesterday and every time I went to check on them they were cuddled in the window sill on a blanket together. I am so thrilled that they get along.



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