One week down!

Day seven of Whole30 and a full week at the gym. I’m pretty happy with my results so far. I’m hungry. I won’t like about that. I miss candy and soda. I’m tired of drinking water and eating my weight in veggies. I’m also super tired all the time. But that could be from my ridiculous schedule. For example, today I did the gym, I’m getting ready to go to class, after that I am going to see Hollywood. Not sure if I’ll ride. The grounds kind of wet out. Then I’ll run home and shower before going back to the school to meet my advisor about classes next semester, and then I work till 9:30. When I get home I’ll do a little homework then get a few hours sleep before back to the gym at 5 am.

Speaking of the gym, Jess came with me yesterday! She always told me she wouldn’t. That she hates gyms. That she feels like everyone is staring at her. Well she said she’d go but she wasn’t leaving the bike. That’s fine. If you wanna come with me and ride the bike for an hour I’m game. I was just excited she was willing to try. Well it was actually me that had to drag her out of the gym last night. She loved it. I’m very excited about this. We have pretty much nothing in common except we love to explore new places and new foods and watch movies. Which still makes for fun dates. We love to travel and both want to see the world. Which is awesome. But during the day to day we have little in common. I’m excited to share this with her. I’m still learning the gym but my ex was a personal trainer so I kept a little knowledge that she gave me.

I can’t wait till whole30 is over. I just want a piece of damn toast with my eggs in the morning. But I hope that my eating habits will carry over and I don’t go back to my shitty eating ways.


One week apart. Not a huge amount of progress but I do see a little bit. Posting pictures of my health journey is scary. So I’m doing it.29791790_10213877097893986_2167050791196136575_n


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