Good Thing I Love My Dog

Did you know that an Aussie can outrun a car going 40 mph when they are in full run? I didn’t either until today! Dory is usually pretty good. I have never had a problem with her not coming when called before. She is a very intelligent responsive dog. I have been slowly letting her off leash. I needed to run out to the car so I let her out with me. She gave me a look and then bolted. Up my street. Down the next side street. Like a bullet shot from a gun.

I got in my car and chased her. I had to have been going 40 mph screaming at her driving down my neighborhood on Easter Morning. She suddenly stopped and looked at me like “Oh, hey mom!” and happily trotted to me and hopped in the car. I could have killed her.

And then when I got back home and got her out of the car she dropped to the ground and rolled on her back and wrapped her legs around my arms and refused to get up. Jess actually ended up carrying her inside. I kinda wish I had video. She is in so much trouble.

I’m still trying to figure out why she did it. She wasn’t chasing anything. At least not that I could see. I think it could be because of the new kitten and she is feeling left out. Gabriel things its so she could have a car ride. Either is possible. She is so damn smart. Either way she is in SO much trouble.


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