Day 3

Day 3 of Whole30 is almost over. So far it has been a tough ride full of temptations and being very hangry. I’ve been arguing more with Jess, I snapped at a coworker today and I never yell. Granted she was driving me crazy and I told her to go on her break cause she kept asking over and over. But I didn’t mean to snap at her exactly.

Tonight I feel a little better. Jess got us a Nutribullet and it is absolutely amazing. Even Gabriel had a smoothie before bed. It is a total game changer. I cant wait to try to incorporate some kale or spinach into it and see how well i mask the taste.

I’ve eaten so many eggs its not even funny. But they fill me up and I always have hard boiled ones for convenience. My biggest obstacle right now is I tend to eat when I’m bored. It’s almost midnight, I’m winding down from work and from putting eggs all over the place. This is when I would pick up the junk food or ice cream or chips and veg out in front of the tv. I’m going to finish my smoothie and then hopefully crawl into bed. I may have one more egg to hold me over. I’m fairly active so I tend to eat lots of small meals throughout the day.

Aside from the hunger I am feeling great. I don’t have an ounce of vertigo, which I have struggled with for years. I am more energetic, more alert. I feel like I am fueling my body properly. And it is fantastic.

Only 27 more days to go. I’ve got this!


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