Have any of you tried this crazy little diet? It’s insane. A month of nothing processed, no sugars, sweets, dairy, grains, carbs. Nothing. Pretty much nuts, meat, veggies, and fruits. I started it yesterday. What I have taken away from it is that I am hungry! All the time.

I do not plan on being super strict. Like the diet says 3 meals a day, 4 if you exercise and then like small snacks a few times a day. I’m gonna eat when I am hungry. I’m putting good food into my body so I am not worried about portion size. I used to eat like shit. So the fact that I am eating incredibly healthy will still gain me results.

We went grocery shopping yesterday and it was painful. Absolutely painful. We went to 2 of the organic stores near us (not much variety on boring Cape Cod) and didn’t end up getting much cause there wasn’t much to get. I made chicken and broccoli last night but I couldn’t put it over anything. I ordered a cookbook that should be arriving tomorrow so that will help with meal planning. It was good, just very plain. Then I got to watch as Jess drank coffee. Which I can’t have because I don’t enjoy it black. But for the most part she’s pretty on board with trying all the foods I am eating and she’s incredibly supportive. Which is helpful. I have a group of friends that are all trying it with me. My Rodan & Fields tribe (Yup I have 3 jobs. I am always tired) and they are an amazing group of people.

I did discover that I can have almond butter. Whats even better is I fucking love it. I was never a huge peanut butter eater but it fills me up so I was looking for something comparable. I just ate bananas and almond butter and it was amazing. I’m going to have to buy it in bulk. It’s so good.

The only real big thing that is becoming an issue is the headaches. I am a heavy soda drinker. I’m a gamer. Mt. Dew fuels us. I have not found a carbonated beverage that is approved yet and aside from black coffee and tea, i’m not sure if I can have caffeine. So my body is going through a withdrawal. But it will be worth it in the end. Between this and the gym I am already sleeping better and waking up better. I never slept through the night before and I am now. It is pretty incredible.

If you have tried this, done it, want to it, are in the process of doing it, I aplaud you. It is not easy. But it is so worth it. If you’ve have never heard about it, I’d love to chat. I’m still learning and I love to research new things so I’m filling my brain up with tons of knowledge.

My whole goal is, after the 30 days, I want my taste buds to have changed. I want to stop craving all the sweets and be more in the habit of eating clean. Not making every day a cheat day and only cheating on weekends, or special occasions. I will be adding dairy back though once this is over. Because that shits ridiculous. I need my coffee. I can use a non dairy creamer but I can’t sweeten it. Which is still pretty bad.

All in all this has been positive. I have had an unbelievable about of support. People know how I have struggled with weight and self image and the love that is pouring in is amazing.


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