New Kitten!

We love animals in this house. All of us do. We used to have two senior cats, Naomi and Pandora. Pandora was in the family bounced from person to person for years. Naomi we rescued last year. They were gonna dump a 17 year old cat in a shelter and I couldn’t handle that thought. So we brought her home. Naomi had to be put down last month. We were all heartbroken, including our animals, but especially our cat Peanut. Then Pandora died a few weeks after. Talk about shitty luck. Poor peanut was devastated.

You see, we rescued Peanut as a 4 week old. My friend had found her litter on the side of the road. There mom had been hit by a car. So she took them home and posted on Facebook she had kittens to give away. We went up to get one and came home with Peanut. Peanut was very different from other kittens I had had in the past because she was not weaned. I had to feed her milk around the clock, we had to teach her to cover her poop in the litter box, to clean herself. We had to bathe her almost daily cause she couldn’t do it herself. Because of all of this, Peanut is a bit of a special case. She is very attached to us. More so than other cats. She was raised by us and our dog. Her and the dog are best friends. Naomi didn’t really care for her but Naomi had a long bushy tail that tempted Peanut to play with it all the time. They pretended to hate each other but occasionally I would catch the to of them sleeping in the sun together.

When we brought Naomi to be put down Peanut was a wreck. So was Dory. When we got home with an empty carrier they flipped out. I actually had to sleep out in the living room with the two of them that night they looked so sad. Well I didn’t actually have to. But I’m a big softy.

Now yesterday a friend of mine said she was trying to find a home for her friends kitten. Her landlord wouldn’t let her keep him. So I went to go pick him up after work. I didn’t tell Jess. I just told her I had a surprise for her. I got home and made her close her eyes and then put him in her lap. I thought she was gonna start crying. We know that Peanut needed a friend and this little guy needed a home. He’s a sweetie. He growls at Peanut and Dory but I don’t blame him. They are big and hes barely 2 lbs. Poor baby came to us covered in fleas though. Luckily he’s 9 weeks so he’s just old enough for flea treatment and we still had some kitten ones left that Peanut has outgrown.

I named him Dante after one of my favorite video games Devil May Cry. Yes I am a giant nerd but I am okay with that. Hes currently asleep on my chest purring away while my dog is conked out beside me. It has been a very long day but this ending makes it so worth it ❤29572291_10213828901569108_6551481398960414027_n He was growling at Dory here. Look how ferocious he is!


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