Control Your Dogs

Seriously. I have a 5 year old Austrailian Shepard who is my entire world. She was my friends for 3 years and then was given to me last year. She has always been “my” dog. She lived with 2 other dogs but otherwise was not overly socialized. She has a great deal of anxiety…or thats my anxiety rubbing off on her. Shes an ESA for me and I’d like to train her as my service dog eventually.

That being said, she is incredibly protective of me. We were going for a walk this evening and we have some real asshole neighbors. Like none of them use leashes for their dogs. So this little shit dog runs at my dog and chases us. My dog did pretty good at keeping her cool. See I actually train my dog to listen to me. So she knows “leave it” and, although I need to remind her, she listens and then continues walking nicely next to me.

But after being harassed for like 5 minutes and needing to stop in the middle of the fucking road cause this dog is now running in circles around us and the owner is screaming at her to stop (but not saying a damn thing to us mind you) poor dory is up against my body growling and crying. She didn’t understand why this dog was barking at her and her mom. And her job is to protect me. So she was trying to do that. The owners finally got her under control and of course didn’t say sorry or anything. So now my poor dog is upset and it took me forever to calm her down. She still keeps coming up to me and checking on me.

Some people really shouldn’t own animals.


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