First Ride

I got on Luna last week. I wasn’t entirely planning on it, but she was all tacked up and being so good that after I leaned over her and pulled on the saddle and stirrups and desensitized her I ended up just swinging my leg over and I was on. To say she is a good baby is an understatement. She is a gem. She didn’t move a muscle. She just stood there patiently waiting. I had her walk a few steps forward then I got off and called it a day.

I got back on her yesterday. This time I walked her around a little bit. She is very confused by what I am asking of her but she tries so hard. I just love this little horse. Not that she is little. She is 16.1 and still growing. She is currently in a growth spurt. Which is a little scary. I don’t typically like big horses but something about her made me fall in love.

I plan to take this summer nice and slow. A few soft rides and lots of time bonding. She’s only 3 and I am in no rush. I may take her to a few shows this summer but only to hang out, not to actually show. Unless I feel like she is ready enough to give it a go. At least for experience.

She is my favorite decision I have ever made and I am so glad I got her. I may be crazy broke now but she is my dream horse.


I love this horse

I absolutely love my new horse. She is outstanding. Probably the best baby I have ever worked with. I changed her barn name to Luna, which seems to fit her well. Luna Lovegood is my favorite character from Harry Potter and she fits the personality to a T.

I lunged her for the first time Sunday and even though she had no clue what I was asking, she tried her little heart out and now lunges great. She picks up on everything immediately. She is incredible. I put the saddle on her yesterday. She could have cared less. I can’t wait to get on her. I’m thinking I will be getting on her within the next week.

I had planned on having my friend help me with her since she is a trainer and I am a little experienced at breaking in baby’s, but she is so easy I may be okay on my own. And not only is she super good but she is so so sweet. She’s in my pocket all the time. I just love her to pieces.



Hollywood Poster

I have been looking into finding my own horse for a while. I love Hollywood but he just wasn’t the right fit nor was he mine. Well I stumbled upon a mare that my friend had at her rescue. A coming 3 year old standardbred filly off the track. I couldn’t get her out of my mind so yesterday morning I drove up to her barn to look at her. Ended up buying her on the spot.

She is 16.1 and still growing. I’m probably insane. I’m nervous on big horses and she’s not even broke to ride yet. But something about her tugged at my heart. She has the kindest eyes and is so so sweet. A friend of mine is a trainer and she is going to help me this summer with breaking her to ride. I am very excited.

She turns 3 today. I have to wait until I get out of work to go see her and it’s making me crazy. I just want to spend the day with her. I never thought I would find a horse that got into my heart the way Fritz did but this little girl moved right on in.

Her name is Hollywood Poster or Posie for short. I love her so much already ❤31239492_10214015741759996_7739954473857974272_n

Whole30 is not for me

Yup. I made it 14 days. 14 long excruciating hungry days. I feel pretty awful about throwing in the towel but it just wasn’t working for me. Instead of feeling amazing I was starting to feel starved. I wasn’t eating, all the food started tasting bland to me. I don’t usually like a million harsh rules and I don’t think I read up enough on this diet before jumping in.

That being said, I don’t regret going through these long 2 weeks. I have learned so much about food and how it affects my body. I feel like, even though my sugar cravings have no magically gone away, I know I can survive without sweets. Not that I really want to. But I can. I had toast with breakfast this morning. I forgot how delicious bread was. I ate it plain. No butter, no jelly, nothing. So I felt like even though I cheated, I did it in a healthy way. So I don’t feel to bad.

I am programmed to feel failure the second something doesn’t work out. So that is how I feel. Like a huge failure. Like I let everyone down who was watching my progress; my family, friends, people I don’t even know.

Part of the reason I couldn’t continue is because it was effecting me psychologically. I started to feel like I was back in high school dealing with eating disorders. Someday’s I am mentally stable and others I am an emotional mess. I have been a mess for 2 weeks. So I had to call it quits. But the lessons I learned from this diet have been immeasurable.

Best Friends

Harper is making slow progress. She doesn’t run immediately when she sees us anymore. She has started rubbing up against me when I pet her and she rolled over on her back a few times, showing she was submissive. We wanted to introduce her slowly to the other animals. We tried peanut first but they hissed at each other so I took her out of the room so they didn’t hurt each other. The next day I tried Dante, sticking close by him so I could scoop him up if she got defensive. Well wouldn’t you know the moment he went into the room she perked right up. He just walked right up to her and tried getting her to play. I don’t think she quite knew what to do.

I will say that she absolutely loves him. I let him in with her most of the day yesterday and every time I went to check on them they were cuddled in the window sill on a blanket together. I am so thrilled that they get along.



For the past year we have noticed a feral (at the time we thought stray) cat off and on roaming around our street. She started getting braver and braver and began hanging around our porch. I started feeding her but had no means to catch her. My in-laws have a humane trap they let us borrow. So I waited for her to come around, baited it, and within minutes she was caught!

I brought her inside, put her in our spare room with food, water, a litter box, and lots of treats and toys. The poor thing was terrified. I put her picture up everywhere, thinking maybe someone had lost her. I contacted all the shelters near me, shared her picture all across facebook. Nothing. It had been 5 days and not a soul had seen her. I did notice a piece of her ear missing (an ear tip I was informed) but was unsure what that meant.

I called my vet and told her we had a stray and I wanted to have her scanned for a microchip. Up until now we had very little contact with her. She was scared and huddled in a corner of the room and we didn’t want to touch her in case she scratched. We didn’t know if she carried any diseases.

We took her to the vet where they told us that missing ear was due to her being TNR’d meaning Trap-Neuter-Release. Essentially, rescues will collect a bunch of feral cats, neuter/spay them, give them a rabies shot, and re release them to help the overpopulation problem. Needless to say she didn’t have a microchip or a previous owner. She was ours! Not only that, but she was an absolute angel at the vets. I’m not sure if it was because she was so terrified but alot of terrified cats will strike out. Not harper. She has never once scratched or bit me.

Now since she got a clean bill of health she could be let out into our main house and with the animals. The other animals were pretty happy overall. Except Harper. She hid under our or gabriel’s bed. Whichever was quiet. And then one more I woke up and could not find her. There is a hole in the floor under our sink that drops into the basement. From the basement you can get into a crawl space and get outside. Now for her to be able to get into that crawl space would be impressive so we think that Gabriel opened the door to let dory out and let Harper out too but was to scared to tell us. I spent days ripping apart the house looking in every nook and cranny I could think of. What’s worse is before she went missing I had bought her a collar online. It arrived when I had given up hope of finding her.

A few weeks went by and then it snowed. I was still devastated over loosing Harper. I am not one for praying but I prayed hard over this. I spent long nights researching feral cats. I looked at shelters seeing if she was there. I was miserable. I looked outside and saw cat footprints. I was ecstatic. I reset the trap and hoped for the best. The best never came.

About a month ago we were sitting at the breakfast table when Jess suddenly sat up straight and pointed outside. There she was. Standing on the back porch. Staring at me. I know it was stupid, but I opened the back door hoping shed come running back in. She high tailed it the other direction.

Almost every day for the past two weeks she has been on our porch. And we have sat there for hours trying to coax her in. She was to trap savy at this point and no matter how well we baited the trap she refused. We did catch a possum once though. That was a great way to start off my Monday.

Finally a few days ago, when I had just about given up hope, I noticed she came up to the door whenever she could see the other animals. I put Dante in a room cause hes to little and will bolt out the door never to be seen again. I made dory stay in the kitchen but you could see her from the door and when Peanut wasn’t paying attention to the door I opened it. To my amazement Harper just walked right in. I slammed the door behind her and she froze. I was able to pick her up and bring her back into her room.

Now the slow bonding begins. She was so hungry when she got here. And she looks like she may have lost weight. But she’s home and warm and safe. The poor thing is so scared though. I go in a couple times a day and just sit with her. She hides away from me but if I approach she will let me pet her and pick her up. I made her a bed and put my sweatshirt on it so she could get used to my smell. She seemed to enjoy lying in it for a few moments before she ran again. Every day we make a teeny tiny bit more progress. I just hope eventually she will realize we are trying to keep her safe. I do not like outdoor cats unless they live at a barn or are socialized well and hang around the house and come in at night. To many predators out there for cats to be alone in the dark.


Here’s a picture of our sweet girl. I’m so glad she is home.


My Tribe

Not only do I work at Bath and Body works and Toys R Us, I am also an independent consultant for Rodan and Fields. Now you look at me and you would never ever think in a million years that I would sell skincare. I barely wear makeup and I’m usually wearing a baseball cap unless I’m at work then my hair is spiked with gel.

But I went to a friend’s launch party for her business and I liked the way it sounded. Jess was just about to start overnights and I needed something else to keep myself busy with. So without using any product except the moisturizer and barely knowing anything about the company I dove in. I haven’t looked back since. The people I have met along the way have been incredible. I have made the most amazing friends and I don’t know what I would do without them. They are so supportive. In fact, one of them is the reason I am doing Whole30 and she’s been just a cheerleader for all of us.

Selling product is hard. I talk to people all day and most of them don’t want to hear what I have to say. Some are genuinely interested which is awesome. Others tell me to leave them alone. Okay, I respect that. Home run businesses is the way of the future. The market is getting bigger and bigger by the day.

I love it. I really do. Some days it is hard to get motivated but other days I’m on top of it. Today has been a fairly good day. I put up a post about our Bright Eye Complex and people have been messaging me about it. I just finally bought some and used it this morning. It is pretty incredible